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Tom Pope

My very first studio experience

Larry Norman gave me my very first studio experience when he produced an album entitled "Little Bobby Emmons and the Crosstones".  (A 1950's style gospel album) the first of it's kind in gospel in 1979)  I was the the chubby big guy looking straight into the camera lens with a 50's style mad/bad look.  I was a Crosstone and played the Fender Jazz Bass with the band.  But before meeting Larry, I was a lonely troubadour for Christ playing in tent revivals, church events, and coffee houses.  Until my brother Fred and Bobby Emmons hooked up to form the 50's group.  We called our selves "The Last Generation".  We were giving concerts of known artist at the time in our town, and Larry came out to do one of them.  Huh! in fact, as I recall, we couldn't even get enough door money to cover Larrys fee and Larry just said, "forget it brothers".  That impressed me, and showed me the man was about Jesus and not manna.  When we asked him to listen to our demo tape, Larry just wigged out.  And told us he would produce an album.  He changed our name from the Last Generation to The Crosstones and that was one year shy of 30 years ago.  I still play music for our Lord as well as the rest of the band.  But now I make CD's and give them away for the glory of our Savior.  I know Larry would have been happy to know that.  In fact, he got a copy of my last CD entitled "Homeless"  and told Bobby to tell me, good job.  That was important to me.  Even though I know Larry is in the best place, I will miss him.  A part of me left as well when he went home.  But I know we will all meet again with our Lord on that day.  For we are God's children in Christ Jesus, and as Larry put it, "Children of the Sky".........God bless all of you.....Tom....

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