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Thanks to all the thousands of visitors we've had in the past 30 days.
The response has been overwhelming, and has meant a lot to
Larry's family and friends around the world.

Again, thanks for all the support and great memories...
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J. Erickson

a fellow vistor of this planet

I met Larry several times while I lived in Salem.  We ate lunch at Burrow's Country Store and often ran into each other at restaurants.  He always gave me a hug and I often focused on his hospital bracelet and asked how he was doing.  It seemed he was always just coming from tests or exams and he always had a smile under the pain.  I have been a fan for over half of my life, but that day at Burrow's he called me friend and sister.  The music will be passed on to my 3 daughters and he will never be forgotten.  I continue to pray for the family and and the music community, and can see him praising and singing with Rich Mullins already.

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