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ken abraham ppk member 298

More than an inspiration

Larry was much more than an inspiration, he was an example. it seems that many 'christians' can be classed as 'don't do as i do, do as i say'. With larry it never was. It could automatically be read as 'don't do as i do, do as Jesus would've'. Also he wasn't afraid to be 'earthy', which is 10 times better than being, 'too heavenly minded, to be of any earthly good' i.e. in songs singing, about gonorrhea, perfect lay, etc, in having his business amongst the pimps/drug pushers, in re: his leading a person in prayer who had been burned badly in a car accident, and larry was right,'we have to reach out to these people'. witness the prostitude converted by larry in shepherds bush. Larry, you were unique. they broke the mould after you were born. Hope the river wasn't too deep or too wide. now you trully are 'home at last'. I will miss you so much. I hope to see you again in heaven, but i haven't run the race anywhere near as good as you.
My sincere sympathy goes out to his mother, his siblings and michael. x

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