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Matt Wilkie

The Jesus Freak and Jesus singing songs together

I'm a 35-year-old who was introduced to Larry through Geoff Moore's rendering of "Why Should the Devil...".

Then I heard Larry.  Wow.  I've been a fan ever since.

I wrote a bit of a tribute to him on my blog at  But suffice it to say, of the 100s of musical memories I have, the greatest of them all was driving Larry Norman to the Dove Awards in '96, chatting for the 30 minute drive (which included a McD's drive through), talking his way back stage, and basking as he introduced me as "my good friend Matt" to those reverently talking to him....he introduced me to Andre Crouch that year!  How cool?

I would love to hear the discussions Larry and Jesus are having.  They must be having a wonderful time.

All those songs he sang about Heaven...and now he gets to be there.  How beautiful.

To those who knew him the best and loved him the most, know you're in my prayers as we celebrate this radical life.

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