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Jerusalem Sweden


This is a message from the band Jerusalem in Sweden.
We were sad when we heard that Larry is no longer with us, but he's now together with the savior he loved to sing about.
Larry did battle and win against all odds in the beginning when Christian Rock was something, according to many, a bad and ungodly thing, but he broke through together with the "Rock that doesn't roll", to change religious mindsets and man made tabus.

We met Larry the first time in the 80's (think it was at the Agape festival in St.Louis) at one of the many festivals we played with Jerusalem in the US during the 80's. And we had the honour to spend some time together. Larry was a relaxed, friendly and warm person, as we remembered him then.

During the years we have met several times, mostly actually in Norway where our roads crossed at Seaside festival, and now last year at Summer gospel festival in Karmoy, Norway...
We talked a little bit in the backstage area but I recognized he seemed to be more tired than I have remembered he has been from previous times, even at times seemed to be focued on other things while we talked... Know that he has been sick for some time, but when he went up on stage he was as good as ever, with his guitar, his honest words and simpleness...

No, doubt, Larry was one of the few that could capture a whole audience by just being himself standing there with only his guitar.

We will remember Larry as a waybreaker and a person that refused to give in to "status quo".

He is now with Jesus.
With love... for the band Jerusalem
Ulf Christiansson

Tom Tracy


HI Ulf,
I remember seeing Jerusalem way back in the '80's at a place called the Rockhouse - I think it was in Delaware or Maryland. I loved the band back then, and afterwards, I had you sign my guitar. I wanted to do the "Willie Nelson thing" but with all Christian artists. So far, I had you, Phil Keaggy, and Glen Kaiser from Rez sign it. Next on the list was Larry.

I wanted Larry to sign it really bad, but he absolutely refused. He kept saying he wasn't famous or worthy. I was upset at the time, since he was the most influencial in my life, but I later realized he wanted the focus to be on God not men.

The guitar went to someone that needed it more than me. Nice to see you again - keep running the race.

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