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Tony Chamberlist

Things Larry taught me...

I became first acquainted with Larry's music in 1976, entering my graduation year.  Larry introduced me to the idea that being Christian and human were  not mutually exclusive ideas, and that there was indeed no separation.  I've met Larry a few times over the years.  He was idiosyncratic, opinionated, and somewhat of an iconoclast.  I'm not sure I bought into his postures on everything, but I admired his tenacity.  He's had his share of conflicts, but I'm grateful for his willingness to be flawed publicly.  He seemed to have an uneasy co-existence with the mainstream evangelical subculture, because he always refused to mix linear left-right political subtexts into his belief structure.  I was never a fan of the Hal Lindsey-ish eschatology that he eschewed earlier in his career, but I never failed to appreciate the wide-eyed simplicity of his message...
All in all, Larry was a good, complicated, conflicted everyman, who intuitively knew the core message to communicate, and at the height of his creativity, knew how to marry a killer hook with a profound idea.   Godspeed Larry.  I'm sure you'll find a way to get the residents of Heaven scratching their heads and tapping their feet.

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