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Again, thanks for all the support and great memories...
Post Info TOPIC: Bravery begets bravery
Jeff Adams, Lacey, WA

Bravery begets bravery

Few have stood so firm and brave. Many have been motivated by such an example. Who will rise up and be the next sacrificial, innovative, and motivational leader in mainstream music that never shrinks back from his/her faith? Who will touch so many lives through this kind of creative genius, purposefully for Jesus?
May his death move people just like his life.
We've lost a good one, and heaven may now have a pretty cool band. 'Wonder if Larry David Norman and King David are mixing up tunes with Rich Mullins, Mark Heard, and Keith Green - and maybe even with Albert Brumley?

Dave Hudnell


AMaazing...I just posted a note here (i'm really new to this 'blog' stuff), but your
note struck home, as Keith, Rich, Mark & now Larry have been a major influence in my music. God's peace to you!
In Christ,
Rochester, NY

Gord Wilson


It's interesting to read from someone in Washington state. I live in Bellingham, but my friend Steve, who lives in Lacey, is the one who sent me the information about ArenaRock releasing the compilation of Larry's music. I first saw Larry at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle. -Gord Wilson,,

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