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Thanks to all the thousands of visitors we've had in the past 30 days.
The response has been overwhelming, and has meant a lot to
Larry's family and friends around the world.

Again, thanks for all the support and great memories...
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So Long Larry

My sympathies go out to Larry's family. I am not a Christian, but enjoyed listening to his music. In one of his letters, the apostle Paul said that non-Christians will know and recognize Christians by their love for one another. In this day and age when so much of Christianity seems to non-Christians like myself to be nothing but a front for right-wing bigotry, hate and fear, Larry certainly stood out as Christ-like with his message of social justice, love, and hope. He was a living example of grace, and Christians should count him as one of their greatest missionaries for Jesus' universal message of love as exemplified in the beatitudes. So long Larry, and thanks for the music.

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