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Terry Roland

I Hope I'll See You In Heaven You Tube

This You Tube has become my favorite.  In the earliest days, Larry projected a cool veneer that, to me, was all Rock and Roll.  I first heard him just after So Long Ago The Garden was released.  I was not a Christian at the time. I fell in love with his music and even brought a truckload of friends to see him back then at Maranatha Village in Costa Mesa.  He was so cool.  He defended himself against those rumors with wit and humor.  He always wore that rock attitude mask on stage most of the time I saw him during those days.  I loved it.  After the Maranatha show, maybe a year later, I did become a Christian and Larry's ministry played a huge role in that. 

The link below, which I'm sure most have seen, stunned me because of his vulnerability.  The imperfections make it perfect.  The role/mask is gone and he's just this beautiful open heart.  And that smile when he forgets the words and then remembers and sings about losing his memory...its classic.  If anyone hasn't seen it, its certainly worth the view...if you bares repeating.

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