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kent swan Ontario, Canada

the worlds lack of recognition

   I just found out that Larry passed away.  I couldn't believe it.  Even though he was in poor health it still takes you by surprise.  I've seen Larry in concert a few times, met with him backstage and even spoke with him on the phone.  I loved the man, the music, and the spirit of this individual(even his sometimes dry sense of humour!)  I believe it is a shame that in this world we live the media is the way it is.  Nothing against him, but if Marilyn Manson died it would be all over the news.  Here the godfather of christian rock passes away and it goes almost unnoticed(by the media anyways).  It saddens me I didn't get to see Larry perform one last time, but I know i'll get to see him play again.             LOVE YA BROTHER!       

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