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Thanks to all the thousands of visitors we've had in the past 30 days.
The response has been overwhelming, and has meant a lot to
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Again, thanks for all the support and great memories...
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Sean Lovelady

Sorry to hear the news

Hello to the Family of Larry Norman. I am typing this with lot's of tears, the first time I played Larrys tunes was back in the 80s He and Keith Green were the most influence in my life. I have over 200 songs under my belt, more like 300 on tape and stuff. Larrys influence flows in me, and in many of my songs, deffenitly my own style, but inspired by Larry. I will support you as much as I can. Both financial and by buying Larrys CDs I Love you all, and my deepest sympathy to you all. I Sean Lovelady am praying for you. The tears keep falling. And now I add one more song to the 300 called The tears keep falling, dedicated to Larry Norman.

                               God Bless you all.
                                        Sean Lovelady  (559)824-4839

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