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Linda Boeddiker Davidson

I remember Larry in High School

I was saddened to hear of Larry's passing.  I hope he has found truth, peace, and eternal love at last.  Many of our generation have spent their entire lives searching for truth, peace and love and finally have realized that they are searching for God.  I remember Larry as a teenager and always respected him and admired him for his inner strength and ability to withstand peer pressure.  He was outspoken and said all the things I could never voice.  Back then, kids weren't allowed to speak out, especially girls.
I went to Campbell High - had classes with Larry.  I lived on DeTracey St between the Lakes and Sgt. Nazi (the cop) - about 3 houses down from you.  I remember you, Margaret.  You gave me a recording of Larry's in the 80's.  You were very proud of him, and rightfully so.
My condolences to Larry's family.  I know he will be missed tremendously.  You are all in my prayers.

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