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Shannon Vincelli

Joyful Sorrow

It's heartbreaking, how Larry's music has been drown out by the mainstream Music saturating the airwaves. I called radio stations a couple years ago and asked WHY we don't hear Larry Norman's music... UFO, The Outlaw, Six O'clock News, The Great American Novel, Six Sixty Six? So many great songs, well produced, and sounding better than most music out there, so trajic. The positive affect that he would continue to have through these recordings. The stations never gave a valid reason. I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it. The man who started this genre, yet, persecuted from all sides, never received the respect he deserved from the record industry. It's appalling, and I wonder where the heart of Jesus is in all this. But then I have to remember what an amazing person Larry was, and he is no longer suffering, and is basking in the love of his King... finally, in uninterrupted fellowship. My deepest joyful sorrow to Larry's loved ones. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Shannon

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