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Geir - Norway

We will meet again

I want to thank God for what you brought to the world from Him.
I remember a late night supper in Molde, Norway - you where alone and came to the kitchen and asked for some food. You stayed at a small hotel and had just finished a wonderful concert durlig the "Jesus -festival" sometime in late -70. Some weeks ago I looked forward to hear your voice again - we bought tickets for a concert in Bergen, Norway 13.04.2008 (The Royal Years) - with advertized artists; Larry Norman, Andrea Crouch and some more....
But God wanted you home before the concert and the planned travel to Norway. My memories from the kitchen in that small hotel will always be a good and only "live-memory". A smiling face, small kids meeting a world known celebrety - your were tired but met us with nice small-talks and good humor - with your bright long hair. It will forever be my best memory of you!
Praise to the Lord who took you safely home - must everyone be prepared to meet Him when our time comes - so we can meet again and sing songs for ever to His praise in glory.   

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