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Family of Larry Norman

To the family of Larry Norman, well you lost him now, but will see him again, heaven is not too far away for yourselves and all of us who are on  that road. In the mean time, I,m praying for your comfort.



I met Larry when I was in my 20's which he would have been in his 40's. He was at a concert at my church at the time and I was able to take him to the airport going home and coming from the airport to the church.  He had a lot of beads of wisdom and we talked awhile, while we waited for his plane to leave for his home.  He gave me a name of a book that gave the pecking order of your family, sibs in general and what to do with it and what to do to change it if you needed. I also recall a chance to talk with hm about marriage. I only remember very little but, I do recall him saying strongly in being yourself.
I listened to his music long before I met him and he will be greatly missed. Along with that wait for his plane I do remember him asking for some water that's when I was inspired by his "not being this big star" he was just thirsty and just a person like me. Something that he did say often.
I will miss him and will always treasure the memories.

LaDonna J Hicks

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