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Janie P. Ogilvie - U.K.


Unforgettable is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Larry. He certainly changed my life.
We met during his 1973 tour in Glasgow. I was a 17 year old red head called Jane Wilson who was very mixed up. Pammie and him took me with them for the rest of the tour which was the Larry Norman and friends tour featuring Randy Stonehill. Norman Mitchell and Dave Bruce were there for Word Records and Steve Turner toured too.
Afterwards they took me to their home in Beverley Hills for 4 months. If I'm honest the main reason I went was I was overwhelmed having been taken with them for dinner at Cliff Richard's home - a heady event for a 17 year old.
When I returned home I tried to keep in touch and to be fair Pam did write though Larry wasn't much of a letter writer.
In 1981 , the year after I got married, my family and I holidayed in the USA and had several days in LA. I went to their home and had dinner with Pam. I was sad to hear they had split up and were divorcing. I was also sad to hear of Larry's plane crash but didn't realise until now he had suffered brain damage.
After this Pam kept in touch and gave me news when she could but I gave up writing to Larry as he never replied. In the mid-80s my husband and I attended a concert in Glasgow and met up with Larry and the old crowd. It was lovely if brief.
We visited Pam and Joey in Carmel in 1994 and learned Larry had married Sarah May whom I had met when she was married to Randy and they'd had a son Michael. I tried to write again to no avail.
Around 1990 we attended a concert in Manchester and to be honest it was a disaster. Dave Bruce had arranged for us to get together after the concert but it didn't work out. We had taken 2 new Christians with us who were appalled the way Larry treated me. He recognised me but only remembered the negative things. I think the problem was me still being in touch with Pam. Without my knowledge one of our friends who was there went to the Liverpool concert the next day. She shared how I had led her to the Lord and was helping her. To be fair I got a lovely telephone message from Larry at the airport as he prepared to fly home apologising for his behaviour and saying he would call the next time he was in the U.K.. Sadly he never did.
I was very concerned and, like the phone call, very impressed when I heard from Pam in 2001. She told me Larry had only been given 2 days to live. Her daddy was dying at that time and he had phoned him and Pam to mend bridges which I know meant a great deal to both of them. Thankfully that time all our prayers were answered and he had the surgery he needed.
About 2-3 years ago I found his website by accident. I tried again to contact him by email but got no reply so gave up.
The time I really knew them was over 30 years ago. It feels like a different life. He definitely helped me find my way and to be strong. One of the main lessons he taught me was not to judge Jesus by the church and not to trust and blindly follow someone because they are a "well known" christian. He taught me to find my own path with God.
My life is great now despite serious physical disabilities. I have a wonderful husband and full life. If Dave Bruce or Norman Barratt or any of the old gang read this please get in touch-
My prayers are with all the Norman family. Thank you for sharing Larry with me.

Terry Roland


Wow, Janie.  What a great story.  Such wonderful memories alongside sad ones.   It's so great to read stories like this.  And how much more human Larry becomes as we read of the trials he and others have encountered along the way.  This season of my life finds me also remembering so many people from those days.  I didn't know any of the more famous people, but saw all of the concerts I could then.  Recently, I have made friends with Barry McGuire.  He's such a great soul with a huge heart that's been permanantly changed by Jesus' love. 

Thank you for sharing such a great story! 

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