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Norman Boyington

Sorrow and Joy

I will first express my great sorrow for losing one of the worlds greatest influences on christian music. I have met Mr. Norman on more than one occasion and I must say that he was always a gentlemen and gracious with his time for his fans. <br />I will secondly express my great joy in knowing without a doubt that he walks with God at this very moment, and any pain, phisically or emotionally is now gone. He walks with his savior and knows that great joy of salvation.<br />I will miss you Mr. Norman, although we only met briefly, you have had an amazing impact on my life. <br />I like to imagine you dancing and singing with David before the throne of God, and God is there in his radiant glory, smiling and laughing fo all to see, just because of the joy you bring him.<br />Goodbye Mr. Norman.

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