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eric evans

I'm crushed.

Larry was like a mentor to me. I grew up in an evangelical Bible-preachin church as a PK. But I was bored with the dusty hymns being forced on me. Ended up getting into drugs and went away to college where someone turned me onto Larry's albums (all of which I still have, and just played 2 of them for my 10-yr-old.) 'Why Should the Devil Have all the Good Music' amazed me. Here I was, along with others, condemning myself for enjoying 'devil-music.' Larry showed me that I could shed the religiousity and be real with Jesus.

I and my wife were able to see him in N Conshohocken (Philly suburb) in 1989. I know I'm not supposed to put mortal men on a pedestal, but he was a hero to me.

Today I learned by accident of his passing. I felt like I had lost one of my brothers, and felt cheated that I did not know of his health problems, that I might pray for him. I'm elated for him, sad for his family. Someday I would like to jam with him, if he'll have me.

God bless the Norman family.

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