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Jim Conarroe


I was given the gracious honor of promoting three Larry Norman concerts ('95,
'97 and '00). Yes, I lost ALOT of sleep each of those weekends but was given a lifetime of memories with the father of Christian Rock. Here are a some of those memories...
-sharing a meal with Larry late in the morning at a Waffle House in Atlanta after picking him up at the airport. I'll never forget Larry having a difficult time understanding what the waitress was asking him due to her being country as cornbread. I had to interpret which to this day not sure if Larry was just pulling my leg.
-Larry giving CD's away to people at the airport and hotel. He truly cared about the lost and would witness to anyone.
-Larry stopping the band in '00 at the beginning of the performance and reminding them that they were at a rock concert not a choir rehearsal. This loosened the band up and they finished the set with a bang. We digitally recorded that concert and Larry included one of the songs (I LOVE YOU)
on the CD, Rock, Scissors et Papier.  Larry personally expressed to me how much he enjoyed himself that weekend and how impressed he was with the band.
-Larry performing a private concert for my youth group and giving the teens skin care advice. I could kick myself for not recording that concert. How many Christian artists would hang around an 'ol youth pastor and his youth group?
-Larry pulling out his guitar following a concert and singing Pardon Me for a guy and his sweetheart.
-Eating a pre-concert meal with Larry at Taco Bell and discussing Christian artists falling out of grace with the Christian sub-culture. His response humbled me and moved me to be slow to speak and quick to love.
-Receiving a collect call from the father of Christian Rock very early in the morning. :)
-Asking Larry to sing some of my favorite Norman songs. He never would sing Spirit in the Sky due to the line that says "I never sinned..." Oh, well... He performed I Need a Touch live for the first time in '00 and had to call Charles to fax him the lyrics prior to rehearsal.

Thank you, God for the life and music of Larry Norman. We will meet again to Your glory! Our Redeemer lives!



Jim. Thanks for sharing these memories of Larry.  I wish I could have known him personally, but then, one day I will have that chance!

Kyle M


I never met Larry but I was introduced to his music by a friend that was a huge HUGE fan.  One day a gentleman that knew Larry arranged for Larry to call my friend.  We pranked my friend with general phone calls so regularly that when Larry called him, my friend didnt believe it was Larry.  My friend was finally convinced and Larry was very sweet.  An incredible man has left this earth.

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