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Remembering Larry's Music

<p><span style="font-size: small">Through Larry's music hundreds of people all over the world have either been moved or have re-examined their lives. In this very sad time it might bring joy to both christians and non christians if we remembered Larry's musical life.<br />I have read the pages on this message board and they are a testament of how much Larry meant to people near and far. From the little i know about the great man, and i have been a fan for twenty years - i believe that his songs were sometimes directed at non christians. I think some people may visit this site to pay their respects because they enjoyed Larry's music but were not saved.<br />I've never seen a messageboard where casual fans, longtime fans, christian and non christian can share Larry's music together.<br />  <br />I'd just like to say Thank You Larry for the music and the message. And my deepest respects to the family. I am still in shock of what's happened and i am moved by what everyone has to say. Are we allowed to celebrate his music, or is this the wrong time or wrong place? I understand that this board was created to grieve his passing, give hope and comfort. Again i apologize but there must be people like me who want to celebrate Larry's life. Is there an official Larry Norman board?<br /><br />The song that changed how i feel about God was 'The OutLaw' because it shows how many people can see and hear the same thing but have different opinions about it. Would anyone like to share what Larry song has lead them to Jesus or at least given them a brand new outlook on life? God definately worked through Larry and a lot of people have been saved, but not everybody. Some i know just found some comfort in his words and lyrics or thought he was a great songwriter. Can we rejoice that they've taken the first step?<br /><br />With sincere best wishes to Larry's family and friends.<br /><br />Larry, you are one of the new bright stars shining in the heavens.  <br /></span>        </p>

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