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Family of Pastor Harold Weiss

Reflective By Design

Because my father was pastor to Pam when she was in high school, we knew Pam's family well, and myself and my brother and sister were lucky enough to have had Pam as "our babysitter" growing up....we even received a rather unique wedding invitation from Larry and Pam.  Coming from California as it did...It might as well have been an invitation from Elvis himself...for all the fuss this particular wedding invitation caused in our home and our youth group at church.

After witnessing Larry's concerts firsthand, I learned what all the fuss was about. Of course, He had just written, "One Way" and "Wish We'd all been Ready". So, just after witnessing "Jesus Christ Superstar"....It was my first experience hearing "Pure and Genuine Christian Rock music" performed in a fun and genuine fashion. Later in Edmonton, I saw Larry again after years of Traveling and Fame had taken their toll. Yet his music was the same to the note and chord. After adjusting his Microphones, and giving sound men grief and heart attacks in front of thousands....his music was tuned and was worth the trouble. I finally got it....His music and his appearance was reflective by design. I count it a real honor to have had the experience of hearing Larry sing and speak in person.

Christ worked through Larry when he sang and spoke and used that dry wit. You could actually feel his music changing people and you knew history was being written in people's lives with each song. Of course, it was fun having that rather indirect link to "Christ's Very Own Traveling Rock Music Sensation".

A few in my family circle had met Larry years later and actually brought him for concerts where we lived for the next 20 years. I look forward to worshiping Christ in person with Larry as song writer and leader some day. Larry will indeed have a rich reward. As many are starting to realize, Larry did more for Christ (where it matters - in Hearts) than thousands of us could possibly dream to reach within our lifetimes. So the family of Larry Norman should take comfort that they have an eternal legacy who wasn't afraid of using his talent for Truth and knew the One that really mattered.

Mourning Your Loss but Praising God for Larry's Life.

From: Family of Pastor Harold Weiss

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