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Tom Szabo

Stop This Flight

I only saw Larry once at Woodville Town Hall, South Australia (about 1985), the Stop This Flight tour and remember nearly every minute of that night.

Larry you were a man of courage, originality, passion and deep faith. You truly cut through all the nonsense of this world and weren't afraid to challege the establishment (church or state). As 'unchurched' believers your music was so refreshing to me and my mates sounded like normal rock music with the the full weight of the gospel message, which was very unusual. You also made yourself vulnerable and allowed us to do the same by doing so. You seemed also to deeply understand that the Kingdom is not of this world but is invisible, thank you for the example that you were and are

I so hope i see you in that place you sang so often about

mike c


what a very moving, very powerful tribute.  more than any other tribute to Larry yours has made me re-evaluate my own walk. thank you

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