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Post Info TOPIC: Song for Larry (Fehrion)

Song for Larry (Fehrion)


Some say he was just a friend
Larry met in canada
others say just a righteous rocker
he saw on the six o'clock news

some say just a stranger,
only visiting this planet
some say he was a dancer
Dancing to a classical mandolin

$ Fehrion where have you gone
Larry's been looking for you so long
did you find something new under the sun
When the sun begins to rain, I hope I'll see you in Heaven

First time I saw you, it was in a Night Mare
You and Lydia were taking Phydeax for a walk
She said "Why don't you look into Jesus"
You replied "nah, I'm just taking my time"

You saw Jesus come out of the sky
You saw Lydia take to flight
You read in the morning paper
Saying you've been left behind


Once I thought I saw you
it could've been You and Jesus at the movies
He as reading you a letter from the President
Watching Shirley Temple sing out of tune

You said "It's hard for me to believe in miracles
"and I lost my hexagram in Babylon
"I don't really believe a song can stop the world
"But really I want to believe in you


last time I saw you it was a Sweet Dream on a grey afternoon
Your first day in church praying to the man from galilee
You said "If there's only one way, only you can save me,
"Then let the rain fall down on me

It was your last supper
You saw streams of white light
He said "are you ready?"
You said "Yeh" and He took you on home
Strong Love, Strange Peace
Tasting that sweet, sweet wine
Under the eye
upon the rock



Nicely done, Phloid.  Beautiful stuff.

Gord Wilson


Hey Phloid:

This song is great. There are so many evocative lines in Larry's songs, and you even have some from People. The mysterious Fehrion, fleetingly referred to in so many liner notes, like someone in a G.K. Chesterton novel. How well you capture the threads of what is almost a mystery novel, echoing it seems, not only our need for fellowship, but also the God- shaped hole, the thirst and desire, the longing to come home, the sign that we're only visiting this planet. Larry was not a Gnostic, he didn't hate the world or the creation, but he did long to go home, as do so many of us, and echoed our yearning when he wrote: "We're all prisoners in this world, 'till you come back and take us out of here." Another prisoner (Larry) is free and the cell door clangs behind him as he rides away on horeseback behind the mysterious Fehrion. A foretaste for all of us, who even now taste the first fruits. "For he has delivered us from the dominion of darkeness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the foregiveness of sins." (Col. 1: 13,14). -Gord Wilson,,

William Up In Canada


I found the transcripts of an interview Larry did in 2000.  It's online somewhere.  In it Larry hints that Fehrion is a code word for the New Jerusalem.  After reading the linear notes to "Home at Last" I assumed Fehrion was a dog or a cat of his that ran away.

Does anyone really know? 



I replied to this on another post, but I'll repeat it here....

In 1982 at one of Larry's concerts in Sata Clara CA. I asked Larry who the person was that he often mentioned in his liner notes...

He looked at me and said: "What makes you think it is a person" or something very close to those words, intamating that it was not a human being he was refering to....

But....I love what is written above...very creative....




I guess in a way, just like Larry's metephorical interpretation of Fehrion, this song could be just as much about the church as it could be about a single individual...

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