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Dee Loesch

I will always Remember

I want you to know I just found out about Larry's passing from my sister Gae. I would have come to say goodbye had I known. Larry, the first time I met Larry he stayed at our home while playing a gig in Redding, CA. I was 12 years old and my big sister brought him and his band home one night "The people". I remember fixing Larry a Tuna fish sandwish and chicken noodle soup. What else could a 12 year old make? Larry smiled at me and told me how good the meal I fixed him was. I thought he was the most wonder guy I had ever met and some how he knew I needed love and understanding at that time in my life. He gave me hope, he always gave me hope. Larry was very special to me as I'm sure he was to everyone he touched.
I will be praying for Larry's family and I know if God allows, Larry will be watching over you all.



Dee or Gae Loesch please contact me - I would like to talk about that meeting with Larry and 'The People' - please email me at thanks Will

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