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Post Info TOPIC: Easter Poem I Would Like to Share
Brenda Caley, Morgantown, PA

Easter Poem I Would Like to Share

Happy Belated Easter to my friends, friends of Larry Norman!  I would like to share an Easter poem I wrote to wish you a happy belated Easter!  I got the I just need a song to go with it...

Forsaken By My Father


A crown of thorns punctures My righteous headSanctified blood drips down, staining my sinless body redHoly drops of blood fall from my wounded feetOnto the soil below, as pure and defiled meet


The centurion looks up at me, and then awayI look back at him with pained-but-loving eyes and prayA Roman soldier scoffs and spits on meIts for you, hateful one, that Im paying this fee


King of the Jews! A Pharisee sneersHow I long to take you in my arms, I think with tearsThe robber says, Save yourself and us, if youre the Son of God!No, not if it keeps mankind from going where Ive trod


Father, forgive them, for they know not what they doGlorify Your Son, that Your Son may glorify YouThe pain of the world is too much for me to bearMy only strength remaining is from what We share


The weight of sin is crushing My heartGreater Love is such an artWhy are you so far from saving me?How will I go to the Abyss and snatch the key?


I dont know if I can follow this throughRelease me, Father.  All things are possible for YouI want to give up and come down from the crossBut I see joy ahead, so Ill suffer this loss


Your Son has brought You glory on earthAnd opened the way to bring new birthMay they be one as We are OneAnd know the sweet bond you share with Your Son


I cry out by day, but You do not answerDo not be far from me; sorrow eats like a cancerYoure so far away from the words of my groaningStill many are locked up in sin I hear moaning


My God!  My God!  Why have You forsaken Me?Ive suffered too much; please, dont let it be!My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of deathInto Your hands I commit My Spirit, and draw My last breath


At last, I gratefully release the anguish of physical painWhile the separation from God, carrying more agony, remainsBut I determine to complete this ghastly, dreadful taskDeny Myself Your Presence, the place I long to bask


In the Abyss, I see those who would die in their sinsEternal loneliness for those who Satan winsI look ahead, to the end of eternityAnd grieve for those who would exist without unity


I snatch the keys of death and hellThis captured moment will forever tellJoyful freedom from Satans lureCommunion with God, from a heart thats pure


Now I smash the gates of death and hellThis captured moment will forever tellJoyful freedom from Satans lureCommunion with God, from a heart thats pure


Now I smash the gates of hell and go up through the heavensIm perfected and whole, after Daniels seventy sevensI enter heaven itself, the sanctuary made by GodInto the Holy of Holies, with righteousness Im shod


My agony was worth it; I stand in Gods PresenceOur intimate communion carries a sweeter essenceBecause I suffered death, now I sit at Gods right handAnd make you children and heirs, as God had always planned


I intercede for you, for Ive been tempted, tooYou may approach the throne of grace, both Gentile and JewI want you to be with Me; I want that none should perishI love you more than life itself; your fellowship I cherish.

Love in Jesus,

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