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Jonathan Dorris

Son of Promise, to a Son of Promise

I was exposed to Larry Norman's career at a young age by my father, who is just a few years older than Larry. All I know of passion for God in music comes from the likes of Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Keith Green, Phil Keagy, and so many others. Allthough I never had the opportunity to meet Larry, the recordings and songs he made will forever be etched in my heart! Unaware that Larry had gone to be with Jesus on that Sunday, the following Monday night was an open mic at a local blues bar in Louisville Ky, that I had been asked to play, but declinded so many times. Something told me to I did. This time would be different. So I took the stage and introduced a song by Larry that I had never played in public before, but am so glad I did...."I wish we'd all been ready!" A few days later I learned that Larry had passed. There may be no hidden message in that, other than if a message is truly from God....God will never let go away. The message lives longer than the man, and brothers in Christ live forever.
One Way

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