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Brenda Caley, Morgantown, PA

Fun Larry Norman Story

"Jump back, back in time, it was '73..."  My brother, Jim, introduced my family to Larry Norman at "Jesus '73" in Morgantown, PA.  He brought two of his albums, signed, back to our tent, all excited.  One was "So Long Ago the Garden".  When my Mom saw the silhouette of his body, filled in by the picture, she got angry: "What is this stuff?  I'm not going to have you listening to any albums with his naked body on the cover!  You return that right now!"  Jim started to cry, "But, Mom, Larry Norman SIGNED it!"  He was extremely upset, but he was forced to return the albums. 

As Jim continued to listen to Larry's music, little by little, my Mom came to see how Godly his lyrics were, and she became a Larry Norman fan herself!

Now let me take you 20 years later, in the mid-'90s...My mother and I attended a concert, and he invited us to the restaurant with the crew afterwards.  My Mom told Larry that story, and how she felt so bad afterwards that she had made him return the albums.  At her request, Larry called my brother, Jim, and surprised him!  It was so kind of him to take the time to do that, and it was such a nice way for her to help make up for that error she had made 20 years prior! 

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