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Tarvo Laakso


Hi Larrys family!
My name is Tarvo Laakso and I work as a pastor in Finland.  They call me rock-pastor and I think that Larry showed me something that leaded to preach and sing as I do. We were warming Larry and Alwyn Wall Band 1976 (?) here in Tampere. I really want to thank my saviour Jesus that Larry could sing as a voice of consolating God.  When I was young boy, Larry was the only rock-gospel singer who could touch the heart of growing rock-musician without hurting. I remember 1972 when we listened those great songs "why donīt you look into Jesus" and "why should the devil have all the good music".  Those songs were something like CCR and Uriah Heep.  It was not a problem to dig Larrys music the same way at the school.  Larry had much to say.  He had the great attitude that we may not be meek and humble in front of proud, rich and demanding people.  God is the one and only, who we must obey.  Larry always showed the way to Jesus.  So big thanks!
I think, the tide is turning.  We must work and search new ways to preach to find the people of the new century. 
So, I hope that the grace of God could fill you with hope and peace. We, friends of Larrys music, are around you blessing and praying consolation for you.
"because the Spirit of God is near
living inside us
right here between us..."
T. Tarvo

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