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Again, thanks for all the support and great memories...
Post Info TOPIC: Touched by the raw honesty of Larry's Lyrics

Touched by the raw honesty of Larry's Lyrics

Larry's music showed me the face of the real Jesus while I was at Uni and in my late teens. His songs reflected kingdom values. He sang of the things that Jesus spoke and cared about. He helped me meet him.

I sit here in tears, grateful for what he gave me, mourning for the loss of a man I never really knew, and feeling for the loss of those who did know him.

Larry - I look forward to meeting you in eternity, at the feet of The Outlaw.

My prayers are with his family and friends.
A brother in Jesus


"And I think we should get ready cause it's time for us to leave."

Andrew Duff


The first 'Christian' record we bought back in 1973 was Larry's - we loved it, he taught us it was OK to question the social and commercial values around us as we sought to follow Jesus for real. Praise God for radical thinking Christ-followers like Larry! Rest in peace brother.

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