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Martin Barret

Larry was such an influence on my life and music - Happy Homegoing Larry

To the Norman family and all the fans of Larry:

Larry made us question, "what is right in God's eyes?"  and "What's really real in terms of a life of faith?"  He did this by writing thought provoking songs that touched us all so deeply.  He thought outside the typical 'Christian Box' and made inroads into poetic and musical creativity while promoting the same in others.  Others like me.

At 15, I was introduced to his music, and being very inspired by his faith, frankness and quirkiness, I too started writing Christian music of my own in a way that honoured God and also the spirit of Larry.

I had the chance to meet and speak with Larry at the Greenfest festival in Ontario Canada.  The event manager asked me, "Would you like to go pick Larry up from his motel?"  (Do you have to ask? I thought.)

I told him how much his music meant to me - how it influenced my writing and thinking and my excogitations on God.  I told him how I loved the touching song, "Country Church, Country People" and he then proceeded to tell me the whole story behing why he wrote it with a twinkle in his eye.  Then I bought him a McDonald's cheeseburger for his breakfast.  This memory seems so surreal, now.

At the very first "Kingdom Bound" in Darrien Lake, a friend of mine told me that while I was on a separate stage, Larry had stopped to listen to my Christian music set while on the way back to his hotel.  I had no idea he was there, listening in the dark - to me!  But he cared, he related...he surprised all the time!

To Charley (whom I had the pleasure of seeing play with his brother on the Stop this Flight tour) and the whole Norman clan, I bid you great blessing and hope for the future.  That his gospel message and heart will be with this world and with you all for a long time.

Larry would want us to feed the poor, love the unloveable, and stop doing things that hurt us.  Gee, ain't that what God wants from us too huh?....I'm sure that Jesus and Larry are now discussing ideas together, laughing, singing...

"He will guide us In Another Land."

Goodbye my friend,
Martin Barret

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