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I Love You

I am empty and open and my heart sings with sadness and joy at the news of Larrys passing. I feel so privileged to have met him after a solo performance in New York City in 1979. His music and his ministry meant much to me as a young Christian in high school. Feeling alone and alienated he felt like a friend who could understand me and what I thought I was going thru. Priceless stuff.

That was almost 30 years ago and my how weve all grown and changed. Im no longer the wide-eyed Christian I was back in those days. My faith has flourished in ways that I would have never anticipated. And I've often wished that i could share my sojourn with Larry and compare notes.

I dont listen to CCM much these days but Larry holds a valued place in my iPod. Although my faith has matured and I no longer hold the simple views I did back in the day, Larrys music still speaks to me. I only realize now the depths from which he spoke.

I love you. Larry. Nothing else is possible.

Come to reason, face the day,
Now's the season, old things pass away.
Stand beside us, take His hand,
He will guide us in another land.

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