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Again, thanks for all the support and great memories...
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A Grateful Fan

No Thanks Are Ever Enough

To Larry's Family and Friends,

I wish to thank you all so very much for sharing Larry with us all.  I want you to know that the impact he had in my family alone was more than mere words can ever express.  He not only entertained us, he helped inspire, lead, console, and keep us on the straight and narrow path.  He has saved our family more than once from going our separate ways.  He has inspired us to become the most creative, honest, and God-loving we could become.  He has provided the words where our hearts could only sing along.  He gave us the strength to continue on no matter how hard, horrible or lonely the path felt.  He has inspired us to be creative, to let God work through our hands and hearts just as they did his very own.

He will continue to do so for as long as we all remain visiting this planet.

Until we meet again,


A million words of thanks could not begin to say enough.



To Larry,

Sing Loud, Sing Long, Your audience is finally the One and Only you always sang to only now it is Live And In Person.  May He enjoy your concert, and remember, if He wants to clap and sing along, it is okay.  He can do that.  He is God.  Keep rockin'! We can't wait to join that awesome concert!

Until we meet again....


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