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David Mickalishen

I'm glad he came my way and sorry to see him go

I'm sorry for the passing of Larry, I pray the Lord's comfort and grace for his family and close friends. We have the hope of seeing him again with Jesus. I was a newly saved Christian, in grade 12, used to sing in a band, I had just recently burnt my secular records and tapes because I new I needed a fresh start, and in many ways I was feeling very vulnerable. I drove a couple of hours to Regina, Saskatchewan to hear a guy I knew nothing about - and was given hope. Larry's concert was one of the first Christian concerts with music I could relate to. I was saved by Jesus, but this experience with Larry saved me from the fear of having to listen to hymns for the rest of my life (I do like the hymns - occaisionally). I'm greatful for the gift to the Body of Christ and to the world that he was. I caught a real glimpse of Pharoah and his army that night in Regina - splish spash they were taking a bath. Blessings!

David Mickalishen - Saskatoon, SK, Canada

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