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Post Info TOPIC: God-be-with-you, Larry! A goodbye from your German Brothers in Christ.
Volker Gruch

God-be-with-you, Larry! A goodbye from your German Brothers in Christ.

A friend of mine told me this morning, that Larry Norman has left for his final destination to eternity. Since I heard of him for the first time in the early 80ies, I had several times the opportunity to see him on concerts in Europe and listen to his songs, which had a strong energy and faith. Some "classics" will be forever in my mind - recently we just had planned to play the german version of "The outlaw" with our band in our sunday service on March 9th. The song will now be sung with a special emotion and memory to a person, whom God had given so much gifts and possibilities to spread the Gospel in a unique, honest way beyond commercial (what CCM today so often seems to be). We say a big thank you to all what Larry Norman has given to his audience in songs and words thru the years. As editor of the german christian music-magazine "a5"  I had the opportunity to print one of his last interviews (in May last year when he was in Germany for 2 concerts) in our issue of December. His words were radical, peaceful and filled with a big love to Jesus and his brothers and sisters in Christ. We like to say thanks again to God for this interview Larry gave to us. - Now our thoughts are with his family, may our God be with you in all things that must be done now. Larry was "only visiting this planet" like we all do, but he left some deep footsteps in our hearts,
Volker (  

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