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Larry meant a lot to me

   Got an email forward yesterday from Rich at Hidden Vision Records about Larry's passing. Was introduced to his music by college friends via Something New Under The Son. Another friend from the mistakenly told me that Larry was from WI, and being a collector of music by acts from my home state @ the time, I began buying whatever of his the Xian bookshop in my college town could order for me. When I found out he wasn't from the badger state, I still enjoyed his music all the same. I would say his artistry was instrumental in my growth in the Lord as well.
   I recall having been at Corberstone Festival the last year (I believe) he played there, and he briefly asked directions of me. Only after I told him where he wanted to be headed did I ask the people around me whether I'd just spoken with Larry Norman and they nodded and otherwise answered in the afformative. Ach!
   One of the more memorable concerts in my life was seeing Larry at Oak Creek Assembly of God. Went out for vegetarian East Indian food before the show with the friend who'ds accompanied me (one of the guys who turned me on to Larry in college) and had a great time seeing him sing older and newersongs with a band that I think was comprised of players and background singers from the hosting church (someone correct me if I'm wrong about that). Seeing him @ Cornerstone was a hoot as well, especially when he announced those playing with him by waving in one direction and saying "those are the guys" and waving in the other direction to his background singers and saying "those are the gals." 
   Anyway, per subject line, I'm glad to have discoveredand enjoyed his music for a slight majority of my life, and I'll contine to appreciate it as Larry enjoys the company of our King close as he can be to Him.

                                                                      Mr. Jamie Lee Rake 
                                                                      P.O. Box 29
                                                                      Waupun, WI 53963

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