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Pete Donahue

...then I saw Larry on TV with DC Talk

At a concert just south of Cleveland a number of years ago I bumped into Larry down in the basement of a church where he was having a concert.  I prayed for him, and then I believe God gave me a word to share with him. 

I told him God had greatly impressed on my heart that Larry was about to begin ministering to a new, younger group of people that had never heard of him before. 

Within a year I saw Larry on TV singing with DC Talk doing the backup vocals - I believe at an awards show of some kind.  A whole new generation of youth was nationally exposed to Larry's art and ministry.

I have four kids (now all in their 20s) who were brought up to appreciate what Larry Norman brought to the Body of Christ.  And what a jam session in heaven with Keith Green, Rich Mullins, King David, and our brother Larry Norman.

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