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Again, thanks for all the support and great memories...
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David Mackey New Jersey

I know I'll see Him in Heaven- gb my friend gb

I had the priviledge to see Larry in concert about 15 times starting at the Lambs club in NYC in 1975 (74?) and ending around 1992? in Bucks County New Jersey. Even saw him in Salem in 89ish. (Saw him with Charly in Pitman, NJ).
Larry has had a profound impact on and throughout my life. I am so blessed to have been introduced to his music so long ago. I have followed his life and had some similar hurts and disappointments and Larry's continuing faith has strengthened my faith.
I spoke with Larry after concerts on about 5 occasions and was always moved by the feeling I had that he was still willing to share himself even after a rather long concert. I was blessed by this too.
It is a strange feeling to feel so much loss over someone who couldn't possibly know you.
I cannot imagine the grief and loss that you, as his true, family share. Please know that thousands are praying for you, grieving with you even when we know we will one day see Larry in heaven again.
David Mackey

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