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my friend Larry

I was at a very hard time in my life(near 2000) when I met Larry and his son Michael. I had just moved to a new town, in a new state. I had no friends in this

new place...not even any where I came from really. I was in Highschool and

really struggled with the emotions of youth (for me anger and resentment).

I grew up a Christian and part of a pastors family with a father who was

saved through large part by artists such as Rez(Resurection Band), Keith

Green, Randy Stonehill and as he said ,"...none more influencial than

Larry Norman." I grew up listening to them all. I knew all the songs back

and forward. I led worship, as young as I was...but had great struggles.

I can remember my head down looking at the till in front of me, when I heard

a familiar voice. I didnt look up yet...I punched in his order. After his

order as taken, I asked "Hey man u ever heard of man named Larry Norman?

You sound just like him when you talk."He said, "No...sounds familiar...who

was he?" I said, "He was awesome man. You sound just like the guy.

Some singer dude from back in the 70's---hes responsible for starting Christian

Rock. He was something else. You gotta listen to him it will blow you away

how much you sound alike." He then asked me, "He sounds like a real cool guy.

What happened to him?" I replied, "Yeah...I heard he died. Some plane wreck...

at least thats what my youth group leader back in Northern California told me.

Its too bad. My dad is a Christian today because of his influence...and because

my dad is a Christian...i was also raised a Christian. He changed alot of lives."

He just smiled and said, "too bad sounds like a real cool cat." I watched this

blonde long-haired, bushy bearded guy in shorts and some bright flowered tourist

shirt in sandals walk over to the soda dispenser and get his drink then walk

to his seat. He glanced at me and I back at him ocassionally while he ate. Before

he got up to leave. He asked me, "Hey so you have any of that Larry guys albums?"

"I wish" I told him, "I did but they were all stolen, Im sure if you look in an

old records store or...well I found mine in a pawn shop...if you look youll find

it. Alot of modern artists cover him like DC Talk." Dont get all critical...last

I heard was a plane wreck alright, I was a kid. "Yeah, sounds real good, Ill have

to do that." He said. His son threw away their trash and refilled a soda. I was

looking down at the register screen again when the next thing I saw was a CD

slide infront of my vision. Larry Norman, Only Visiting This Planet! I paused...

it seemed like forever i was frozen. I didnt even look up. I grabbed the CD from his

hands and jumped up with a smile. All I could when I finally looked up at him was, "No way!" I repeated that for ever before I asked him to sign it. He said, "At first I

thought you were joking, I was just playing along." He laughed and smiled with me.

I couldnt even continue working, it was like a kid next to...I cant describe to this

day. He handed his recipt for me. Then he said, "God Bless, man" and he left. My co-workers at the time said it was a two-day smile because for the next two days, I could not stop smiling. A couple days before I prayed to God for a piano, some miracle piano. If he did want me to play and sing for him...I needed something...and I need to know. So I layed my "fleece" before Him. It had to be a miracle piano. In price and I could never doubt. That morning I recieved a 1890 lester player piano fully restored to play...for free after a man had heard me play it...I only had to pay for shipping. Later that day,that same day, my Birthday, while working at Taco Bell in Salem, Or. I met Larry and his son. He visited me regularly and I got to know him. His mother gave me multiple CD's and Tapes of his and to my father as well. Also Larry once stayed out till 2:00 in the morning to meet

my father, who was in his pajamas coming to pick me up from work. It was after Larry had returned from watching a Basketball game.

He was a prophetic writer and singer that God had blessed. He was a good man, father and friend. God blessed him, and he blessed others. I am very blessed. We will all miss you, as we walk toward the lamb in the path you've lead. I can't help but cry, I fight it. Still, I must cry. But the tears I cry will not only be in sorrow.

They will also be in joy. I was blessed to meet a man with love in his heart and hope

in his hands. A real Chist-like man. Who I will meet again. Larry never showed

me a reason to be filled with sorrow. I remember when he had to have surgery for his heart and I was at his moms house with my girlfriend at the time and we prayed. Larry, even with his health gone, he always had faith and rejoiced in faith. Greatfull to God for what he was given, salvation, redemption and love. So now I cry but I am happy to see my friend, who helped me through a hard time, through Gods love and grace, doesnt have to suffer through pain anymore. Now my prayers are with Margaret, Michael, Charles, Kristy, Nancy, the rest of his family and friends. Thanking Larry for sharing that sweet song of salvation with my father. Thanking him for sharing Christs love with the world. Thank you for your commitment

to seek and save the lost. Thank you for reaching out to me and being my friend. Until we hit that chorus together.

---Goodbye, my friend, Goodbye---



This has got to bee one of the coolest Larry Norman stories that i've ever heard!

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