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Post Info TOPIC: Greatest Christian Musician Passes Almost Without Notice
Bob Bryden

Greatest Christian Musician Passes Almost Without Notice

Larry Norman,
Rightfully called 'The Father of Christian Rock'
Passed away quietly on Feb. 24. 2008 
of a heart ailment which has plagued him for decades.
The Christian music 'industry' has snubbed
Larry for years - while tens of thousands
of musicians have been awed and deeply
influenced by the depth
and virtuosity of his songwriting, vocalizing and
guitar-playing gifts.
I personally have upwards of 30 CD's by Larry
and this is still only a fraction of his output.
I remember seeing his first multi-styled 'concept' album,
'Upon This Rock'  in record bins in 1969!!
Combining all the best elements of his contemporaries
The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, both as writer and
performer, Larry's output is outstandingly vast.
He was not influenced by them as much as he was their equal.
I could not praise him too highly - as the only
(so-called) Christian musician who exemplified
the inspired counterpart of his worldly peers
and bravely championed his beliefs despite
constant neglect by both secular and christian media!
People who came to a relationship with Jesus
through Larry - tended to stay in the fold.
Mainly because of the seering honesty
and 'realness' of Maestro Norman's persona.
Uncompromising in uttering truth, Larry
always said the wrong thing to the right
person at the right time. Meaning - he constantly
sabotaged higher (worldly) success - by fearlessly
keeping his 'walk' firmly on the ground
while others were more inclined to 'the platform'.
Watch now, as the Christian 'establishment' begins
to canonize and deify Larry Norman - but only NOW.
Because NOW he is 'safely dead'. At a dead distance he can't
threaten with his bold and brilliant indictments
the frequently shoddy, tawdry, tacky, artless, impersonal
and insensitive commercialized excesses of
modern christendom and it's 'strategies'.
I'll bet he'll even win a 'Gospel Music Lifetime Achievment Award'.
Bob Bryden



there are Many Similarities as well as differences to Keith Green.

A Better Concert could not be made if these two individuals could get on the stage together...

Brenda Caley


I've been thinking the same thing for years, wishing I had the funds to make this genius known and respected as he fully deserves.  He wasn't kidding when he said, "I've been knocked down, kicked around..."  He humbly told story after story in one concert about being poisoned in Russia; about the gross medical neglect that caused his initial heart failure.  His attitude was so pure, so Christlike - not a trace of anger or resentment.  I wish everyone knew what a superb artist he was.



"Even though Norman has been out of the music industry for a while, Di Sabatino believes his music may see a rise in interest.

'He stands at ground zero and carved out this place for people like Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith,' Di Sabatino said. 'His death now will introduce other people to his music again.'"

-Christianity Today



why do people continue to say he's been out of the Christian music for a while?! he recorded and released stuff basically right up to his death and even worked on new recordings with Frank Black (Pixies) and Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse) that will be released later this year: Larry also did a 60th birthday concert and was scheduled to do a concert this past february that was only cancelled due to his health problems. He was a trooper right to the end!

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