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Becky Roberts in Colorado

With Keith Green and William Booth

I just learned that Larry got his heavenly body Feb. 24th.  My heart goes out to the family.  Started liking his music in the late 70's as a teen.  Think about his lyrics all the time.  Fond memories of concerts at Wolfgang's in SF as well as the Rockies and the purple robed gospel choir.  What Larry had to say at concerts was always what was ruminated on and drunk up.  Was at church on Sat. night the 23rd listening to Phil Yancy preach on Romans and marveling that Sweet Sweet Song of Salvation was the offertory after A Mighty Fortress and remembering Larry saying he didn't know what a bulwark was.  I didn't know he was almost to where he knew he was going.  Internalizing his music has helped me countless times as an inner city teacher, I'm just thankful to have been exposed to Larry's love for Jesus it helped me to believe the gospel.

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