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Roger Herrington

Finally, Home at Last

   I was pleased to be one of the many young believers who had been shaped by Larrys ministry.  Before coming to Jesus I was an atheist but as the Holy Spirit was drawing me closer to Him, I had become apprehensive since the only Christians I saw were legalistic fundamentalists.  I was apprehensive to take the step toward Jesus because I reasoned that if I became one of His followers, I figured that Id become just like them.- Id have to cut my hair, listen only to southern gospel quartet or chorus-style music, in other words, I would no longer be able to be myself.  My brothers girlfriend lent me Upon The Rock & that dissolved the notion that I would have to become something I am not.  Here was a solid & serious follower of Jesus who not only kept his identity, but was not afraid to say what God prompted him to say that may have been politically incorrect.  I grew up in a Catholic neighborhood, and the specific Catholic church there ingrained their members that they were to have as little as possible interaction with non-Catholics.  As a result, I had lost many friends so I know the temptation to refrain from saying things which might jeopardize relationships.  What I learned from Larry was that though relationships are important, we cannot let relationships stand in the way of speaking truth.  Also I learned from Larry that though we are to be in the world, we cannot let the world & Satan win the victory of drawing us into the patterns of the world. 

            Over the past year, Larrys life example was, and still is, as significant to me as his life & message was earlier.  We often consider hypothetically how we would act if we knew we had a limited amount of time on earth & how would we act accordingly.  Larry had been a rock & an example of how a follower of Jesus lives in light of eternitys call.  Only those who were close to him can attest to what those of us who were his distant friends can only imagine.  I am pleased to have been one whose life had been touched by Larrys ministry & look forward to that great & glorious day when I will be able to stand side by side with Larry & worship our King together.


Roger Herrington  


Cannonsburg, Michigan

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