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Marcus Higgins

Homeward Bound

 I was very sorry to hear of Larry's passing. I have attended several of his concerts in Az.  I stiil have and play his music. He was truly an individual whom God placed here to minister to all who cared to hear. Just as the 12 disciples were each different, Larry was also a unique man that God allowed us to get to know over the years. He bloomed for a season, but his impact on early Christian rock is a priceless contribution that will last far beyond his years.
Our loss is heavens' gain. He's pain free and probably playing in God's band right now. It will be a great reunion when we all get to see him again. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
The outlaw gets to meet THE OUTLAW Larry sang about. I'd love to have been there for that meeting......Marcus

Terry Roland


Marcus,  What a nice way of putting your experience with Larry Norman's music.     Many have had such similar experiences and impressions. 

I appreciate greatly what you said,


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