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another brother Larry

1970 recollections

When I first became a Christian in 1970 Larry Norman's was the only "my kind of music" that meshed with my new relationship with the Lord.  I had the long blond hair and one day found a newspaper article cut out and posted on the bulletin board at the church I had begun attending.  It said, "I have never met a spiritual man with long hair..."

I stifled the urge to reply, "Maybe you ought to meet Jesus?"

Larry Norman gave me a voice with which to sing the praises of a God whose lot in life was to be largely misunderstood.  "Blessed is he that is not offended in me..." Jesus said. 

I feel blessed not to have been offended in Jesus' fearless representatives like Larry Norman.  An old saying goes, "It is the pioneers who get the arrows."  As politically incorrect as that may be (offensive to some Native Americans?), it is certainly accurate.

To switch metaphors, Larry was on the point of the spear.  Great is his reward in heaven!

With love, condolences, and fond memories from another brother Larry
(Now crew-cut and teaching high school English in Virginia Beach)

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