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Post Info TOPIC: Became a Christain at Larry's concert in 1976
Tom Tracy

Became a Christain at Larry's concert in 1976

I went to my first "Christian Rock concert" at Harry Bristow's Christian Cinema in Ambler, PA with the church youth group back in 1976. I was expecting a hymn sing - no idea what a Christian concert really was, but hymns were the only Christian music that I knew at the time.
Harry introduced the concert. And I remember watching this guy walk out with a GUITAR, SADDLE SHOES, a LEATHER JACKET, and unbelievably long blond hair. My first thought was, "This is a joke - right? He'll tell some funny ones, then the guy playing the organ will come out, and we'll sing hymns."
 I had no idea. In my life, prior to Larry's eye-opening concert, there was no connection between real life and the "Jesus of the church". Church was just a family tradition - some place you go to on Sunday.
I remember that concert vividly. Like my eyes and heart were pealed opened with every song. I had the entire concert word-for-word memorized for years. I wanted a relationship with Jesus like Larry had. But instead of being who God made me, I tried to be too much like Larry. Dressed like him, sang like him, I even found men's saddle shoes in my size. Believe it or not, it took 10 years to find them, but I WORE THEM OUT.
As I read through these posts, I see some of the names of people that I've met at Larry's concerts over the years, and it's like meeting old friends again - but in a bittersweet way. Such amazing memories.  I remember how my brother drove us to several hours away to Towson to see Larry in concert there at a college. I gave Larry a statue I made of him sitting at the piano. When I handed the box to him, he said, "It's not a puppy is it? I can't take a puppy on the plane."
A week before my brother passed away, I asked Larry to pray. I know he did. Now I'll be praying for strength and comfort for Charlie, Kristen and Michael.
I will miss Larry very much. Let's continue to grow in love just as God's servant would have wanted us to do. Our work here isn't finished.

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