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Joe Zgrabik - Clev. OH

Leaving a message for Larry's Family


I first heard of Larry when my friend handed me "Only visiting this planet." I though to myself, "who is this guy?" "Is he for real." In the middle of the church culture where rock was forbidden and Christian Rock was ultra-forbidden, I gravitated more and more to Larry's music. I first heard him at a church in Bay Village, OH where he came onto a dark stage wearing all black leather and all you could see was his teeth and his hair. He said something to the effect, " I bet your wondering if this is a real person up here." The audience roared with laughter. Then I saw him at the Creation Festival in PA in 1983+/- a year or two. I can remember the guy preaching before him said something to the effect that "God wants you to prosper and if you are not you must not be following God." Larry came on to say, of course, the opposite, and said something to the effect of. "I'm I saying something that is opposition to something you possible could have heard in the past." I was ALL ears. He only played his accoustic guitar at the festival. Will never forget it!  Larry, One-Way!
Rocken out in the Saviors Arms now..  Love ya Brother  " I hope (know) I'll see ya in Heaven....   Joe the Pole

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