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Andy Bloom

A living Stone

In 1972 I became a Christian, shortly thereafter when I was at work I had come across a flyer about a Jesus Festival in Cinn. Ohio. The flyer had an article about Larry Norman who I didnt anything about at the time saying that had he left the band he was with after having a hit song t. He said that all he wanted to now was sing for Jesus. He was the main feature at the festival. I felt strongly impressed to go so I did.

 Larry took the stage after several other groups and performers had finished their sets.  I can every remember every one the songs he sang. I was touched and stirred very deep inside myself in a way that I had never had felt before nor could understand.  It was Gods Strong Love and Strange Peace.

 Down through the years I have attended 9-10 Larry Norman Concerts whenever I found out about them and could go.  He has been a mentor and a compass to me, and friend I never had the chance to talk with or meet, though I did shake his hand once.

 I dont think I agree with what Randy Stonehill said on his site that Larry never understood who he was, in the sense that we are suppose to I dont think any of us do, we were designed by God before we ever were born with a destiny chosen by Him and how can our limited minds ever fully comprehend that, the contradictions in our lives somehow how work out a sovereign purpose in grace, perplexing as they are, we can only allow him to work through us according to His chosen design.

 The body of Christ has lost a rare gift on this earth that the church for the most part never realized.

He is one of the precious stones and now his place is in the LivingTemple.

I have been sad since hearing about his passing and feel a huge loss in my life even though we will

See him again; its still kind of lonely here right now.  

Steve F.


very nice Andy. thank you.

Brenda Caley, Morgantown, PA


I feel the same way.  Much of my spiritual growth and maturity since 1973 has been thanks to Larry's music, which I'm sure the Spirit of God gave him!

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