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Chris Ames


I am listening to In Another Land and thought I would do a quick search on Larry to see what the Inet had for me to review. I am shocked and saddened by Larry's passing and am praying for his family. I am however thankful for God giving all of us Larry and his music. I first heard him on this album in 1980 and was excited. Not only for the way his music spoke to me but also by hearing that God could be exalted in a way that I understood. I am near tears for the loss not only for his circle of friends but for a world that needs him and his music/message so desprately.

I have had my up's and down's in my spiritual walk and Larry's music has always helped me through the hard times through his songs. I am now listening to Diamonds and know that through Christ Jesus he is in Heaven jamming away with the angels. While I look to his music for comfort I am keenly aware that God put Larry on this earth to help us ALL. I do hope to follow the road less traveled and while I will miss his presence on this earth a great deal, I know that I will see him soon.... Free and Forgiven as a child in the sky..... I will continue to follow the Lord Free and Forgiven......

To his family, you and Larry have made the difference in my life everyday. I can only leave you with my prayers and condolances. I, like Larry, know that a better life begins after our passing. Praise God for giving us the gift of Jesus Christ and for his blessing to the world with Larry Norman.

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