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Post Info TOPIC: "Be a man of man of God and do what he says"LN

"Be a man of man of God and do what he says"LN

Hello. I was so sad to find out today that Larry passed away. I didnt know until I attempted to contact him and his ministry regarding a distribution opportunity for his music. I have only spoken to him once many years ago at the heart for heart concert in San Jose, CA. What he told was very led by God. Early this February I randomly found an old cassette of " Only visiting this planet". I hadn't heard it in years. I started listening to it and thinking about what he told me again. One of the things he said was "Be a man of God and do what he says". My wife borrowed my truck a few days ago and started listening to it. She came home excited and blessed by the music. She then suggested I try to contact Larry regarding a distribution idea for his music. That was a few days ago. Today I prayed about wether to pursue getting in touch with Larry and had a most unique discernment. I clearly understood that strong lasting peace and time were involved. I am lacking the ability to relay it but it was very positive. Then I got on the internet and discovered the news of his passing. I felt very sad but now I am comforted by how God communicated to me before hearing he sad news. We are praying for you in this difficult time. I want to encourage you to keep your mind on heaven and that our hope lies with Jesus our Lord. I like thinking about the joy Larry is experiencing now! Sincerily KM

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