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Larry Norman/Randy Stonehill Documentary

For those concerned about Randy's comments, there may be more.  Randy participated in this upcoming documentary by David Di Sabatino.  I hope Larry did too, for balance.  I found this blog-post:

I have been working on a follow-up documentary that will soon be announced. It is on a somewhat similar topic, stemming from my research on the Jesus movement, but is a much more complex story.
This one centers around the friendship between musicians Larry Norman and Randy Stonehill and covers their undulating history over the last 30 years. If you are not aware, Larry Norman is the iconic visionary who almost single-handedly forged a new style of rock music infused by an overt Christian message. And Randy Stonehill was his first protege, a talented singer-songwriter whose early career benefited from Norman's oversight.
And together they were something of the Lennon & McCartney of this new spiritual music movement that influenced thousands of Christian youngsters (and oldsters).
Out of the momentum that was created by their concerts, in the mid-1970s Larry Norman forged a distribution deal that created Solid Rock Records, one of the more interesting artistic experiments of the time. Patterned after David Geffen's Asylum Records assemblage and somewhat after Andy Warhol's Factory, Norman gathered a loose amalgamation of some of the most talented Christian musicians of the time and conveyed a vision that on paper was compelling.
And while the Solid Rock experiment imploded, the ensuing diaspora sent off emissaries that continued to fashion their own particular storyline.
But Randy Stonehill's ties were not so easily severed. As the first artist of the Solid Rock experiment and because of personal inter-history with Larry, Randy has been joined to Larry by an almost mystical bond that occurred as God walked through the room in "Norman's Kitchen" more than thirty-five years ago.
While together they created some of the best examples of musical creativity infused by a Christian worldview (with albums and songs that still top the "best all-time Christian music" polls), issues of personal brokenness make this story an epic of biblical proportions.
This is a story you won't want to miss. If you thought Frisbee raised some dust
On a musical note, Randy Stonehill has graciously agreed to go back into the studio to re-record ten songs from his catalog that will be the basis of the movie's soundtrack. And though Randy's efforts to contemporize some old classics will be the majority of the songs featured in this new documentary, we have a few soundtrack surprises that will make this documentary the succinct history of that time and history.
I will keep you posted. The newly revamped Jester Media site will be up and running soon. Thanks for your continued interest.
David Di Sabatino

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