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servant of YHVH

Ozark newspaper Larry Norman tribute today

Following is an EPIC tribute of Shakespearean proportions on Larry Norman as it appears in 18 counties of Arkansas and Missouri.

To miss or not to miss there is no question


This weekend the Christian contemporary music group Newsboys from Australia comes to Arkansas.  This is a concert not to miss.


The first weekend of this month Larry Norman, the father of Christian contemporary music, was celebrated in a funeral party.  Larry Norman is one most definitely to miss as his time only visiting this planet is past.


If you missed Larry Norman in this life then you will have to wait to see him in another land.


My review of the Newsboys concert in Poplar Bluff, Missouri last year (Raucous Rockin Night in The Bluff) referenced Larry Norman in its beginning and ending.


Larry Norman had a 60th birthday concert celebration the same weekend the Newsboys were in concert last year in Missouri.  It was also a fund raiser as Norman suffered from very severe heart problems and was blind in one eye.


Larry Norman passed from this life to his reward in the early morning hours of 2/24/08.


I feel like a prize in a box of Cracker Jacks with Gods hand reaching down to pick me up, was the beginning of his final words dictated to a friend and posted on the web site


Cracker Jacks, hot dogs and popcorn were served to the hundreds that flocked to the funeral celebration held in Salem, Oregon on 3/1/08.


Funeral attendees were given a celebratory, circus style program instead of a funeral announcement.  Larry Norman Presents A Going Away Party adorned the cover with a photo montage from a toddler to the last years of Larry Norman ( )


The mourners engaged in a giant group sing-a-long of Normans Hes The Rock That Doesnt Roll with the lyrics displayed on a giant screen with a bouncing ball directing the following of the lyrics.


Larry Norman made more than 60 recordings of his own and produced untold numbers of others.


Larry Norman appeared in 1959 on The Ted Mack Amateur Hour at the age of 9.


Larry Norman had a hit record in the 1960s with the song I Love You as key member of the band People (writer/vocalist).


Late in the 1960s Larry Norman became THE Founding Father of Christian contemporary music with release of his Upon This Rock recording on Capitol Records (original label of The Beatles).


Legendary songs of his included, "I Wish We'd All Been Ready", "I Am A Servant", "Strong Love, Strange Peace", "Messiah" and "Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music".

The Christian establishment largely despised him though the goal of Larry Norman was to reach out to the common people to which end he was a great success.


Larry Norman fought hard for truth to be accessible to the common people even when (especially when) the mainstream Christian establishment fought against his efforts.


Today the Christian contemporary music field Larry Norman sired is a billion-dollar business though they barely acknowledge him and didnt lift a finger to help out with his needs in his latter years.


This columnist first heard Larry Norman shortly after his (THE) initial Christian contemporary recording and was privileged to see him several times during the 1970s.  Larry Norman was a primary influence upon my life and upon what my life has become.


My standing for truth even (especially) against the mainstream through print and broadcast media as well as personal sharing of faith bears a strong measure of thanks to Larry Norman.  "I Am A Servant" in no small part because of his example as a servant.


i been shot down, talked aboutsome people scandalize my namebut here i amtalking bout Jesus just the same


i been knocked down, kicked aroundbut like a moth drawn to the flamehere i amtalking bout Jesus just the same


ive been rebukedfor the thing Ive saidfor the songs Ive writtenand the life Ive led


they say they dont understand mebut Im not surprizedbecause you cant see nothinwhen you close your eyes


they say im sinful, backsliddenthat i have left to follow famebut here i amtalking bout Jesus just the same


you wanna talk about my lifehey, listen to meyouve got your facts all backwardsone-two-three


and spreading rumors and gossipis a real bad gamethe only name to spreadis Jesus name


i been shot down, kicked aroundbut like a moth drawn to the flamehere i amtalking bout Jesus, brothertalking bout Jesus, sisterhere i amtalking bout Jesus just the same


song lyrics of Shot Down by Larry Norman


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